Auteur/autrice : Tim the Gardener


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  • Wheat and Rye

    On the left of the picture, is an old variety of wheat Rouge de Bordeaux. In the centre are the blue-tinged leaves of rye, and to the right is another variety of rye from Portugal.

  • Hoeing Cereals

    Cereals sown in late Autumn can be hoed once the Winter is over. Pictured above, rye plants are ready for their Spring growth.

  • Faggots

    Newly-made hazel faggots, bound with willow. After just one year the faggots will be dry enough to burn.

  • Catkins

    A large nut variety of hazel flowers in mid-Winter.

  • Stacking Wood

    Firewood is neatly stacked against a bank. The pile should be left to season and dry out for a couple of years before it’s used.

  • Dry Firewood

    A simple shed made from a wooden frame and a roof of basic thatching material helps keep firewood and faggots dry throughout the Winter.

  • Basket Making

    This basket is made from two sorts of willow, both grown in the damp fields lower down the hill. One of the names of the yellow willow is crack willow – it is a very vigorous, wild willow, that is exceptionally supple, and of course it has a beautiful colour. The purple willow is a…

  • Ash Wood

    In this picture we can see an ash tree after felling. The large rounds in the foreground will be split, and used for firewood. Ash makes very good firewood, which can be burned straightaway if necessary. The bottom section of the trunk was fairly straight, and has been split into sixths, with the use of…

  • Protecting Winter Vegetables

    Root crops such as swedes and parsnips can be left in the ground all Winter. However, if possible a little extra protection can be given to the plants be packing mulch around the base. Straw is perhaps the best, but bracken or dried grass also works well.