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  • Harvesting Cereals

    Growing Cereals by Hand When people think about cereal production, the image that tends to come to mind is of a team of combine harvesters making their way through a field of corn that stretches to the horizon. It is an image that probably comes from the American mid-west, or Canada, but there are now […]

  • Thatching with rye straw

  • Crafts

    Crafts One of the most unusual aspects of our modern world is that most people do not make the everyday objects that they use in their lives. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, this would not have been the case: even in relatively-recent history, most people would have made a certain amount of their own clothes, […]

  • Pictures

    A hoe farm in Brittany. To be informed about upcoming open days and training days please send your email address to:

  • Sowing Seed

    Sowing Seed Sowing seeds has been an integral part of human life since time immemorial. The fact that the whole of the adult plant, or at least the blueprint of the adult plant, is contained within the seed is nothing short of a miracle. When you have a chance to collect seed, store it carefully […]

  • Mulch

    “A farm is a self-sustaining unit that receives sunlight, air and water from the wider world, and with these resources grows in wealth and fertility from one year to the next”

  • Impact of Pesticides on Human Rights

    United Nations Human Rights Council The Impact of Pesticides on Human Rights A report published by the United Nations in January this year, looked at the impact of pesticides on basic human rights, it highlights a rage of problems resulting from the use of pesticides, which can can be summarised as follows:   Death By […]

  • How Much Can You Safely Take Out From the Land?

    One thing that we are not short of in our society is experts, and one would imagine that, amongst all the university professors and government scientists, there would exist a considerable body of knowledge relating to how much produce it is safe to take from a particular area of ground before it starts to suffer […]

  • An Antidote to Globalisation

    Does Globalisation need an antidote? For many people it clearly does not – globalisation is promoted by business and by most governments as the process by which everyone can get what they want at a price they can afford. As far as one can judge, the majority of the world accepts this claim at face […]